Rewards Program for Wireless Internet Support


We appreciate the support of our customers and independent representatives. It is only fair to show our gratitude by providing a cash bonus for that support.  There are 2 main categories and 3 basic service plans.  The 2 categories are Representative and Referral. You must notify us and be included on our list to participate. This is an excellent way to cover the cost of your service.


A Representative must signup a minimum of 5 customers per month and the Referral partner is not required to have a minimum.  Any person making over $650 per year must provide us information for tax purposes. We need to have some form of documentation to ensure that you get credit; so use the prequalification form on


The reward structure is as follows:


Representative Level            1 year  contract           2 year contract

Clear Value                                    $15.00                         $20.00      

Clear Premium                                $20.00                         $25.00

Clear Business                                $25.00                         $30.00      

There is a $2.50 bonus per sale for reaching a minimum of 10 sales per month.


Referral Level                       1 year  contract           2 year contract

Clear Value                                    $ 7.50                          $10.00      

Clear Premium                                $10.00                         $12.50

Clear Business                                $12.50                         $15.00      


Special Notes:


* Only existing Clearwire customers are eligible to participate, unless otherwise approved.

* All commissions are paid between 30 and 45 days after the monthly referral period.

* It is only fair practice any customer cancellation is subject to referral fee payback; so

   make sure the customer is serious and can receive an operational signal! 

* Any future plans, items, or promotional gifts will be announced as they are available.

* This relationship does not authorize you to make commitments or claims not specifically stated

    in the literature, terms of service, or website information.

* Customer billing is by credit or debit card only. The customer must have a minimum credit or

    cash balance of $100 in their account to process their order. Exact Credit Card billing (name,

    address, credit card number, security code, and expiration date) information is essential.

* A qualified customer is one that is known to have signal strength, financial means, and

    agrees to the terms and conditions. A referral customer has been activated and linked to a

    participant in our program.