Introducing High-speed Wireless Internet Access to Central Texas


Electronic Assistance Corporation has been providing computer and Internet service in the Central Texas Area for 21 years and we are truly your neighbors. We've teamed up with Clearwire Wireless Broadband to offer the community a revolutionary new way to connect to the Internet.  It gets better… you may now get Wireless High Speed Internet at your home or business. For a limited time, we are offering access for $19.99 for the first 3 months*. In addition, we will provide a FREE ($40 value) system inspection and report to ensure you get top performance from the service. We will waive the $50 Activation Fee if you signup for the 2 years program.  Finally, click here to learn more about our rewards program!!!


There are 2 Classes of service: ClearValue @ $29.99 for download speeds up to 768 kilobits per second with 3 email addresses. ClearPremium @ $36.99 for download speeds up to 1.5 Megabits per second, 5 email addresses and 10 Megabytes of Web space. A customer unique wireless modem is required to access your signal.


There are no wires, no routed cables, no dishes, and no hassles!  As long as your location can receive the adequate signal strength (like your cell phone) you can surf the Internet up to 25 times faster than dialup. Not all Central Texas locations are serviced yet, but signup now so you may be considered in future plans!!  Please read the Clearwire Terms of Service before proceeding.


You can click here to email your Prequalification Information to us. If that isn’t convenient you can stop by our office at 212 S. 31st Street in Temple or print the form and fax it to 254 778-7977. Once we verify your information and ensure you can receive the signal, you will get a small box that contains “Wireless Modem” it simply plugs into 110V and directly to your computer’s Ethernet port… and you’re on the Internet!  


If you need our expertise, we can connect the service to several computers in you home or office. We can make your business a wireless "Hot Spot" or provide a "Kiosk" for your customers useage.


* To receive all the benefits, you must sign up before July 1,2006…Don’t Wait!

** EAC is an Authoirized Represenative of Clearwire Wireless Broadband.    


Sid Frasier, President